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Knowing Our Worth


Hope in our Limitations


Who Is Included?






Women of the Word


Remembrance Songs For The Road


More Than Able Songs For The Road


Build My Life Songs For The Road


As You Find Me Songs For The Road


Here Again Songs For The Road




In the Name of the Lord


More Than


Recognizing Jesus


Worth It


Children Of God


Spirit Dwelling


Set Free


Healthy Eyes


Just Be


First Love


Redemption Through Christ Retreat Sermon


Deep Joy Deep


Resolve Deep


A Deep Peace Deep


Accepting Immanuel Deep


The King's Challenge Deep


Empty Deep


Worth-Ship Deep


More Perfect Union Deep


Growing into Love Deep


Delight In The Word Deep


Gain a Life Deep


Experience the Kingdom Deep


Forgive to Live Deep


Replace Deep


Nothing Hidden Deep


Make Room Deep


The Seed The Deep


Where Are You? The Deep


The Deep Deep


Living Grace


Now is the Kingdom


A Long Obedience in the Same Direction


Look to Jesus


Training In Godliness


Beautiful Feet (Pastor David Beck)


The Beauty of the Lord


Without Regret


With a Promise


Faith Seeking Understanding (Rev. Joseph Won)


Nehemiah 2:1-9 (Sara Chang)




The Day of Salvation


Unstuck in the Middle


In All Circumstances


No Condemnation


Friendship With Jesus


Faithful Over Time Seek First


Remaining In Love Seek First


But Some Doubted Seek First


Do Not Be Afraid Seek First


Here Is Your King Seek First


Empty Yourself Seek First


A Worthy Investment Seek First


The Flow Of Joy Seek First


Memento Mori (Pastor David Beck)


The Primary Prayer Seek First


Abdicating the Throne Seek First


God's Purposes Pt. 1 Seek First


Kingdom Community Seek First


The Easy Yoke Seek First


Kingdom Reality Seek First


Desires of the Heart (Pastor Patrick Chi)


Why The Kingdom Seek First


The God Of New Things


Receiving Immanuel


Word Made Flesh Word


The Historical Word Word


The Voice of God Word


Remember Whole


Fight My Battles Whole


Turn Aside Whole


Trust and Let Go Whole


Be Loved Whole


The Better Blessing Whole


With Our Whole Heart Whole


How To Be God's Friend Whole


Space For God Whole


The Covenant of Grace Whole


Ruling Over Sin Whole


Come Out of Hiding Whole


Whole Whole


Grace Be With You All


A Worshipping People




The Day of Rest


The House of the Lord


Fear No Evil


I Shall Not Want


What We Have To Give Life.


Sharing Life Life.


Devote Life.


What Then Shall We Do? Life.


The Untamed Spirit Life.


How To Make A Disciple Life.


The Spirit With Us Life.


A New Command Life.


The Life of Imperfect Love Life.


The Uncertain Life Life.


Life With The Resurrected Christ Life.


New Life! Life.


Humble King. Humble Life. Life.


The Fear Of The Lord Life.


The Community of Grace Life.


The Life of Grace Life.


Belong Life.


The Blessing of Today Life.


Worthwhile Deposit Life.


Cloud of Witnesses Life. (David Beck)


With You Life.


Right Desires Life.


Quick Forgiveness Life.


The Purpose Of Life? Life.


The Unrighteously Righteous (Pastor Young Yi)


Be Here Now Life.


Light of the World Life.


A Life of Wonder Life.


God In Real Life Life.


Changed Lives Life.


Be Alone To Be Together Life.


Thanksgiving Through Contentment Life.


The Imperfect Community Life.


Desires Life. (Connie Hong)


Lives Built On Christ Life.


A Life of Peace Life.


Change the Atmosphere Life.


Live In Love Life.


Life From The Source Life.


Who You Really Are Life.


Life By Spirit Life.


Deliver Us! Life.


The Restful Life Life.


Who's Invited? Life.


Abudant Life Life. Prologue


Power (Connie Hong)


In All Circumstances Happier


Joy Multiplied Happier


Vacation Anytime Happier


A Glimpse Of Eternity (David Beck)


Out of the Courtroom Happier


Timothy (Connie Hong)


Don't Follow the Belly God Happier


Joy Always Happier


For The Joy Happier


The Happiness Paradox Happier


Start Back At One Firm Foundation


Discipleship!!!! Firm Foundation


Living A Better Story Firm Foundation


The End of Hostility Firm Foundation


The Helper Firm Foundation


Treasured Firm Foundation


Seeing Clearly Firm Foundation


Freedom to Love Firm Foundation (Young Lee)


The Upside-Down Kingdom Firm Foundation


Do Not Be Afraid Firm Foundation


This is Our King Firm Foundation


Need a King Firm Foundation


Know God Firm Foundation


No More Condemnation Firm Foundation (David Beck)


Names and Numbers Firm Foundation


Promised Land Firm Foundation


Atonement Firm Foundation


Become the Word Firm Foundation


The Second Law Firm Foundation


The First Law Firm Foundation


Covenant People Firm Foundation


Directions From God Firm Foundation


Ex-Change Your Life Firm Foundation


The Gift of Ourselves Firm Foundation


God With Us Firm Foundation (David Beck)


Prepare the Way Firm Foundation


Our Daily Bread Firm Foundation


Forget Me Not Firm Foundation


God of Wonders Firm Foundation


The God Who Is Here Firm Foundation


What Now? Firm Foundation (Young Lee)


Meant for Good Firm Foundation


The Blessing of Enough Firm Foundation


No One Like You Firm Foundation


Nothing Withheld Firm Foundation


What Makes Us Righteous? Firm Foundation


Our Shared Brokenness Firm Foundation


Not Yourself Firm Foundation


Not God Firm Foundation


The Source Firm Foundation


Faithful Thriving in the Pandemic


Be Kind (To Yourself) Thriving in the Pandemic


Revisit Your Convictions David Beck


River of Blessing Thriving in the Pandemic


Give Thanks and Remember Thriving in the Pandemic


In The Gardener's Care Thriving in the Pandemic


The Importance of Soil Thriving in the Pandemic


Always Life in the Spirit


Darkness Cannot Overcome It Life in the Spirit


Justice to Victory Life in the Spirit


From Anger to Justice Life in the Spirit


Spirit and Truth Life in the Spirit


Becoming Practical Discipleship


Christ-Formation Practical Discipleship


Where You At? Practical Discipleship


Renewal of the Mind Practical Discipleship


With Your Body Practical Discipleship


Present in Fellowship Practicing Presence


Present in the Word Practicing Presence


Hidden God Practicing Presence


Resurrection Vision


Accept the Cross Practical Discipleship


Who Do You Imitate? Practical Discipleship


The Discipline of Peace Practical Discipleship


Extravagant Love


Hope Through The Spirit Practical Discipleship


Becoming Love Practical Discipleship


Unstuck Practical Discipleship


Abide Practical Discipleship


Investing in Discipleship Practical Discipleship


The New Human Practical Discipleship


Discipleship, Why? Practical Discipleship


Anxiety-Free Life - Treasuring True Treasures Pastor Pete Chung


Who Do You Want to Become? Practical Discipleship


God of Hope


His Promises Are With You You Are Not Alone


Christ Is With You You Are Not Alone


I Am With You You Are Not Alone


God Is With You You Are Not Alone


What's Your Story? The Big Story


Able to Stand The Big Story


To One Another The Big Story


Kingdom Living The Big Story


Love True The Big Story


The New Human The Big Story


Walk Worthy The Big Story


Overflowing Love The Big Story


You're Not (More) Special The Big Story


No Division The Big Story


Alive By Grace The Big Story


The Big Story The Big Story


The Blessing Life The Big Story


Change One Thing Practical


You Are What You Eat Practical


On Mission (Part 2) Practical


On Mission (Part 1) Practical


Some Pain, Some Gain Practical


No (More) Regerts* Practical


Remember and Respond Practical (David Beck)


Now I Know That You Are a Man of God Pastor Joseph Won


Seeking God in the 'Summer Seasons' of Our Faith Journeys Practical (Pastor Tom Humphreys)


Wait... and Wait Longer? Practical (Evan Park)


The Nature of the Kingdom Practical


Put Down Your Phone Practical


Commit to Practice Practical


Spirit Break In


Resurrecting Church


Resurrecting Spirit


Resurrecting the Christian


Resurrecting Peace


Resurrecting Love


Resurrecting Faith


Hope Rises Easter




Never Let You Go Metanoia the Conclusion


All Things Metanoia the Conclusion


Debt-Free Children Metanoia the Conclusion


The Life Joined with Christ Metanoia the Conclusion


You Can't Do It On Your Own Metanoia the Conclusion


Build My Life Metanoia


The Fruitful Life Metanoia


Community of Prayerful Love Metanoia


Judgement Free Metanoia


Better Than Anxiety Metanoia


Behold Metanoia


The Kingdom Prayer: Part 2 Metanoia


The Kingdom Prayer: Part 1 Metanoia


Discipleship and Money Pastor Tom Humphreys


In Secret Metanoia


The End of Enemies Metanoia


True to Your Word Metanoia


Roots, Pt 2 Metanoia


Roots, Pt 1 Metanoia


Fulfilled Metanoia


Light Metanoia


Blessed Metanoia


Gospel of the Kingdom Metanoia


Letting Go Metanoia


Light up the Dark Metanoia


Who Am I? Metanoia


The Born Identity Metanoia


Unquenchable Fire Metanoia


Kingdom (Has) Come Metanoia


Prayer of Faith Living Faith


The Purpose of Patience Living Faith


What Is Your Life? Living Faith


Curing the Double-Mind Living Faith


Wisdom From Above Living Faith


More Than Brushing Your Teeth Living Faith (Kevin Hong)


Whole Love Living Faith


Right Living Faith


Steadfast Living Faith


Resurrected Life The Story of Jesus


The Way of the Cross The Story of Jesus


Weak The Story of Jesus


Grace The Story of Jesus


A Beautiful Thing The Story of Jesus


Stay Awake The Story of Jesus


The Coming of the Lord The Story of Jesus


The Greatest The Story of Jesus


God of Now The Story of Jesus


A Higher Power The Story of Jesus


Why You Mad? The Story of Jesus


Un-rolling Stones The Story of Jesus


Save The Story of Jesus


Desire The Story of Jesus


Treasure The Story of Jesus


One Flesh The Story of Jesus


The Greatest Loser The Story of Jesus


Help My Unbelief The Story of Jesus


Glorious Kingdom (NOW) The Story of Jesus


Death Before Life The Story of Jesus


Remember The Story of Jesus


Faithful Feet Pastor Jeff Abiera


The Missing Ingredient The Story of Jesus


What Defiles The Story of Jesus


Rise Above The Story of Jesus


Enough Rest The Story of Jesus


Unworthy Kings The Story of Jesus


Rejects The Story of Jesus


Courageous Trust The Story of Jesus


The Question The Story of Jesus


Good Things The Story of Jesus


Good Seed/Good Soil The Story of Jesus


Holy Spirit The Story of Jesus


Follow The Story of Jesus


Without The Story of Jesus


With The Story of Jesus


Willing to Heal The Story of Jesus


Kingdom Disciples The Story of Jesus


Prepare The Story of Jesus


The Words of Life


The Servant Experience The Grace Experience


The Perseverance Experience The Grace Experience


When You Don't Feel Like It The Grace Experience


The Kingdom Experience The Grace Experience


The Blessing Experience The Grace Experience


Keeping the Word The Grace Experience


The Grace Identity The Grace Experience


Receiving Grace Everyday The Grace Experience


Declaration of Dependence Truth Is...


The Fate of All Truth Is...


You Are Not the Exception Truth Is...


Enjoy the Toil Truth Is...


Wind Chasing Truth Is...


Out of the Dark Truth Is...


What is Truth? Truth Is...


Stand One


Love the One You're With One


The Way of Love One


Forgiven Ones One


The Risen One One


The One We've Been Waiting For One


One Way One


One Prayer One


One People One


He is Our Peace One


One Body One


Glorious One One


The Path Seek First


Work on This First Seek First


Enjoy Seek First


Trust the Process Seek First


Kingdom + Righteousness Seek First


The Quiet Life - #blessed Pastor Mike Whang


Want Seek First




The Gift of Love Kindle Fire


That Word We Hate Kindle Fire


Faith Activation Kindle Fire


Where are the Other Nine? Kindle Fire


Around a Fire Kindle Fire


Praising in Pain Kindle Fire


Living Stones #Kingdom


Eternal Hope #Kingdom


The Great Reversal #Kingdom


As In Heaven #Kingdom


The King and I #Kingdom


The Kingdom Story #Kingdom


The Gospel Know:


God Know:


Truth Know:


Re-Creating Prayer Re-Creation


Active Re-Creation


Made to Create Re-Creation


God is Fun Re-Creation


Godly Rest Re-Creation


Trust in the Journey Notes From The Journey


Don't Forget the Love Notes From The Journey


A Life of Rejoicing Notes From The Journey


The Journey of Grace Notes From The Journey


No Shortcuts Notes From The Journey


Becoming Notes From The Journey


Witnesses of Christ Life Together


Stay Life Together


The Story of Our Lives Life Together


Speaking Desire Life Together


Freedom of Speech Life Together


People Are Strange Life Together


The Community of Christ Life Together


Sacred Rhythm Discipleship How


Word of God Speak Discipleship How


The God Pause Discipleship How


Transformation Through Discipleship Discipleship How


All In Discipleship How


Living Hope Easter


The Humble Habit Discipleship Now


What's Bothering You? Discipleship Now


The Gracious Teacher Discipleship Now


The Good Life Discipleship Now


The Discipleship Quest Discipleship Now


God-Sufficient Lent Interlude


The Kingdom of Love The Kingdom Life


The Kingdom Prayer The Kingdom Life


The Kingdom of Righteousness The Kingdom Life


Kingdom Vision The Kingdom Life


The Gospel of the Kingdom The Kingdom Life


The Force Awakens


A New Hope


Far, Far Away


The Soul Has a Future Soul Matters


More Than a Quiet Time Soul Matters


The Way of Blessing Soul Matters


Deep Down in my Soul Soul Matters


Rest Soul Matters


Softening the Soil Soul Matters


The Soul, It Matters Soul Matters


Savior of the World Start


Good Food! Start


In Spirit and Truth Start


The Moment of Truth Start


Obey Your Thirst Start


If You Knew Start


Something Better


Fruit in a Dry Season


A Worthy Life


The Greatest Joy


Your Will Be Done


Here We Are Now, Entertain Us




Child's Play


Rest in Peace


Rejoice in the Lord Always


Grace is an Ocean


Fix Your Eyes


The "S" Word


The Deceiver


BOLD in the Spirit


Missing the Point


The Deep Things of God


No Turning Back Rise


Rise Again... And Again Rise


When We Stoop, Love Rises Rise


Come to Life Rise


The Impossible Rise Rise


Dead in Sin Start With Me


The Story of Weakness Start With Me


Search My Heart Start With Me


Heal Our Land Start With Me


At Peace All About We


The Gift All About We


The Dance All About We


Self-Less All About We


The Purpose of the Body All About We


Kingdom Come All About We


New Creation


A New Thing


God With Us


Treasures in the Heart


The Call to Die... The Call


Call to Reconcile The Call


Call of the Holy The Call


Sweet Surrender The Call


Worth it All The Call


Child of God


Believe Encountering Jesus


God With Us Encountering Jesus


New Life Encountering Jesus


Lord of the Feast Encountering Jesus


Come and See Encountering Jesus


The Fullness of God ALL


Where do we Begin ALL


The True Light ALL


The Call to be Faithful Faithful


He Never Lets Go Faithful